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Unprocessed Remy Hair

Unprocessed Remy Hair If you’ve ever wondered about the type of hair that is used in your wig, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about the types of hair that are utilized to make the wigs and weaves they use every day. It is helpful to understand the types of hair and their differences so you can more easily choose styles of wigs that best meet your needs and lifestyle.

Types of Hair

When you choose from the various styles of wigs you’ll notice that they are made with different types of hair. The most common types include human hair, synthetic hair, and human hair blends. Human hair is the most natural-looking, so many people prefer it. Synthetic hair is best for wigs that are not meant to be re-styled. These come in a style that you’ll be able to just put on and go, with very little maintenance.

Blended hair contains real human hair along with other hair mixed in. This kind of wig gives you many of the benefits of human hair wigs with a lower cost. However, some people prefer unprocessed Remy hair when they want to purchase a human hair wig. Unprocessed hair has not had an acid bath, so the texture has not been altered.

Choosing Human Hair

There are different types of real human hair. The best and the type that is preferable to many people, is called unprocessed Remy hair. This type of hair is more expensive because it has been handled more delicately. This type of hair has been removed with the cuticles remaining in one direction. It’s better for styling and wearing when the hair is all going in the same direction.

Human hair has a nice feel to it and it can be styled in almost any way that you would like. For this reason, it’s ideal to purchase human hair wigs if you intend to style it on a regular basis. Those who prefer to have a wig that stays in one specific style all the time will benefit from a synthetic wig that doesn’t require any ongoing styling.

Caring for Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs are certainly popular among those who wish to have some variety and control over the way they style their hair. When you purchase unprocessed Remy hair you must take proper care of it.  You can use styling products, but you may want to purchase those that are designed specifically for wigs. These products are less harsh so they won’t damage the wig. You wig can be washed and dried, but do so as infrequently as possible.

When washing your wig use gentle wig cleanser and dry it from the inside when possible. Remember that just like your own hair, unprocessed Remy hair can be damaged from too much processing and use. It’s also important to keep your wig moisturized. Since it does not receive oil from the scalp, it must be added on a regular basis. You will find a wide range of wigs and wig products here at ehairwig. Unprocessed Remy Hair
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